Learn more about the Zakim bridge and the inspiration for our Tuxedo shirts.

Colony Collapse Disorder - BEE AWARE !


Introducing the new Holmes Visits Hoth hat.

The Equations shirt has been consumed in mass quantities. We thank you for your wonderful appetite for math and science. We will be restocking with sizes shortly.

Nerd is the Word

The Articulators: Stephen Colbert vs. Dwight Schrute

Part I of Design Science Series - A cube is deconstructed in four equivalent parts connecting inside out with another cube to form a rhombic dodecahedron. (Demo and model built by IM Rei)

Membot Lane

Sneaker Leader: A Study Of The Mind Inside The Machine
The sneaker market is a complex platform of product, players, and ladder strategies with a unique code, culture, and language. The sneaker is not just a sneaker. It is a brand, personality, currency, bank, an idea; sneakers are living documents of social commentary inked by pens colored with race, class, and gender.

Geek Streak
Circuit's own rikyo featured in The Boston Globe's Sunday magazine.