Sanchez Circuit sat down with Joaquin for a one-one interview.

What is your favorite course and why?
Animal Behavior, it’s a psychology course.

What is your least favorite class?
2.003 (Modeling Dynamics and Control I). It was unintelligible to me.

What’s the last thing you built?
An automatic water balloon-filling machine for a pilot program for WGBH called Lazy Bones.

What did you want to be as a kid?
Mechanical Engineer.

If you could own a company, what would it be?

What is your (least) favorite job?
I would have to say my least favorite and favorite job are one in the same and that’s my summer camp job as a counselor at CADC.

What is your dream job?
It would be a combination of several jobs that would include art, engineering and science, and teaching. I would like to be involved building interactive things for kids.

Who is your idol and why?
My art teacher in high school, Mr. Meyers. He’s an amazing guy. He taught me a lot. He taught me how to paint, but more than that, I took his class my freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior year. He’s the funniest guy and a good role model. I could talk to him about all my problems and anything.

Who do you think is a genius?
Noam Chomsky.

What is your favorite toy?

What is your favorite movie?
Big Lebowski.

What is your favorite video game?
Video games aren’t really my thing, but my favorite one would have to be the James Bond game.

What is your favorite kind of music?
Underground hip hop and classic rock.

What is your favorite snack?
Chips and salsa.

What is your favorite car?

Who is your favorite superhero?

Why did you choose science and engineering?
It was something that has always come easy to me. Everything is pretty intuitive and I’ve always been interested in learning mechanical engineering.

If you weren’t an engineer what would you be?
I would be a teacher or an artist.

Righty or lefty?

How would you describe your personality?
Shy at first and outgoing at times.

What is your favorite equation?
(Laughing) F=ma.

What do you think the coolest scientific application is?

What is your favorite tool?
Power drill.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

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