Scientific societies are more than a social construct of intellectual elitism; they have personalities, objectives and agendas. Vision, mission, membership, and dues, scientific societies go beyond and can be tremendous idea generators and political machines. The mothership of all societies, The Royal Society, was founded in 1660 after the Restoration of King Charles II. Referred to as a ‘learned society’ and the ‘Invisible College’ (Robert Boyle), The Royal Society claims to be the oldest society of its kind.

The Royal Society, a ‘learned society,’ is a voluntary organization receiving £40 million from the UK Government per annum where the majority of the funding earmarked for research. Any hint of pretension is underwritten by a history of achievement and excellence, credibility, and noble ties. Based on the legacy of past presidents including Sir Christopher Wren (1680-1682), Charles Montagu (1695-1698), Sir Isaac Newton (1703-1727), Sir Joseph John Thomson (1915-1920), and Sir Ernest Rutherford (1925-1930), the Royal Society leaves little room for rival or comparison.

The motto of the society is Nullius in Verba, which translates to “on the words of no one." The overall significance of the motto is the unwavering commitment to finding and establishing the truth in science through experimentation alone. In addition to the organization’s charge of research, is to the “Empire of Learning,” a global network determined on communicating science in a lingua franca without the barriers of language, culture, or custom.

What eclectic and eccentric and pseudo scientific societies would make for a popular society by today’s standards?

Surely a society of Kite Fliers, Knot Theorists, and a string quartet would give the Royal Society some modern competition. Dedicated to the Theoretical Certainties, the Science of Knowledge and Imagination, this is our tribute to the scientific society both great and small.

The design incorporates knots embedded in the flight pattern of the kites. This is a great gift for a philosophical mathematician, lovers of flight, open sky, orchestral music and movements.