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We debuted the Holmes Visits Hoth hat last weekend to intergalactic reviews. Appreciative we were, we are, Master Yoda would say. The Holmes Visits Hoth hat was inspired by the idea of one of our heroes Sherlock Holmes visiting the planet Hoth in a problem-solving rescue effort to save Luke from the clutches of a Wampa. This is what we would envision Holmes wearing straddling the back of a proud, large-nostriled snow lizard called the Tauntaun.

We made just a few hats to see how it would do. Yes, we hand make the hats ourselves here in Boston. The tweeds used are Harris Tweeds and domestic wools. The lining is silk charmeuse used for warmth and fit. The faux fur is both safe and soft. No animals were used in the making of this hat. It was such a big hit that we will be making more available.

The HVH hat was the subject of much discussion, debate, and dialogue. There was one subsequent question, which I felt compelled to share. It rocked me to my core, my nerve root, my dense nuclei...

Question one. What is Hoth?
Answer to question one.

Question two. Who is Hoth?
Answer to question two.

Question three. No, not a question.

Fact: I've never seen Star Wars.
Response: None. Nothing. Blank. There were no words. We had no words. Time seemed suspended. The planet was robbed of the laughter of children. The future uncertain.

Answer one: Hoth is known as the ice planet, the sixth planet of the same system name where Echo Base was located. The planet was popularized in George Lucas' classic Empire Strikes Back, the second film in an epic trilogy (prequel not included).

Fact. ESB is one of the best movies of all time. Without the sour, there would be no sweet.

ESB gaves us one-handed Luke and a carbon-frozen Han. A life without ESB is a life that needs no Return of the Jedi nor for a forest moon full of joyous, huggable, plush Ewoks.

Answer two: Not who, but what and that has been addressed.

Fact: I've never seen Star Wars. To the individual who will forever remain unidentified (for safety precautions, naturally), you have changed my life. Left such a deep and lasting impression, that I am without words and filled with such a deep respect for you that you could provoke such a response. Nothing clever or cute here, just a strange and heavy awe like what one feels after barely surviving a meal of obscene proportions that defies reason, physiology, and nature; all that is left are the remnants of hunger, a pathway of destruction and delight, a battlefield left quiet, scarred, and empty of breath.

To the Holmes Visits Hoth hat, may you continue to provoke such a tornado of emotion, to provide such a dynamaxion of warmth, and to be an ever-lasting symbol of hope.