Who We Are
Sanchez Circuit is a science and technology-inspired clothing and design company.

What We Do
Whether it's science, art, engineering, it's about the 'process,' the trial and error, curiosity and creativity. Our primary focus is on clothing and design. We also engage in projects, studies, and experiments that mean something to us.

The Purpose.
A love for science, engineering, technology, art, and design are at the heart of what we do. Sci-fi, robots, computers, gaming, comic book heroes, school age underdogs give context to who we are. Insert your word of choice - 'nerd,' 'geek,' 'pointdexter' - the label is Sanchez Circuit.

The Name
Because Legos was taken.

The Start
It all started with a note from the UK. 8g wrote a letter from Durham, UK in 2003 while at a Cambridge-MIT Institute run program ironically on venture creation for a group mostly of scientists and engineers. The letter was mailed out 9 months afterwards. The letter was an idea, doodle, and became something more.